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Skeleton Brew

Eternal Shadows - Dark Contrast

Eternal Shadows - Dark Contrast

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A medium roast with floral, citrus, and cocoa tones from Nicaragua.

Embark on a sensory journey into the shadows with Skeleton Brew's "Eternal Shadows - Dark Contrast", a robust dark roast that encapsulates the timeless essence of film noir in a cup. Handcrafted from choice Robusta beans, this distinctive blend pays homage to the high contrast aesthetics of black and white photography, channeling its stark dynamism into a coffee experience that echoes the same drama and intensity.

Dive into the rich and robust depths of this dark roast, where the comforting darkness is cut through by bold highlights, reminiscent of the stark interplay of light and shadow in a captivating monochromatic photograph. "Eternal Shadows - Dark Contrast" boasts a body that is as full and nuanced as a well-composed image, underscored by a tantalizing aroma that fills the air, drawing you into a world of complex flavor profiles as striking as a silver gelatin print. Every sip of this elixir takes you further down the rabbit hole, revealing layers of enticing flavors akin to the fine grains in an analog photograph.

As you take your first sip, robust notes of bitter cocoa and molasses greet your palate, akin to the immersive depth of a classic film reel. The taste narrative further unfolds with intriguing traces of peat and undercurrents of dark fruit, invoking images of antique phonographs playing forgotten tunes of yesteryears. The echo of spice that lingers at the finish, much like the suspense of a silent film, pulls you into a mesmerizing embrace, leaving you entranced in a dance of flavor and reminiscence. With "Eternal Shadows - Dark Contrast", every cup serves as a tribute to the timeless artistry of photography, making your coffee ritual an ethereal experience in itself. Unleash your inner artist and let this brew take you on a journey through the high contrast world of vintage aesthetics.

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