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Blind Skeleton

Half Life - Half Caffeine

Half Life - Half Caffeine

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A medium blend with half the caffeine; an afternoon pick me up without the long term effects.

This exceptional blend presents a harmonious union of single origin coffees, where the mesmerizing flavors unfold. Meticulously crafted, it consists of a 50/50 blend of regular and decaffeinated beans, offering the perfect balance between robust character and a gentle caress.

Immerse yourself in the smooth, velvety texture, as each sip reveals the intricate layers of this captivating brew. With a symphony of subtle notes dancing on your palate, you'll encounter the nuanced richness of the single origin beans. Delighting your senses, the full-bodied essence embraces your taste buds with warm, inviting tones.

The duality of "Half Life Roast" exemplifies the artistry and expertise of Skeleton Brew. It caters to those seeking the familiar comfort of coffee, while embracing the desire for a gentler caffeine experience. Savor the sublime equilibrium, as this exquisite blend accompanies you through moments of reflection, relaxation, or simply enjoying the pleasure of a well-crafted cup. Embark on a journey where balance reigns supreme, and let "Half Life Roast" by Skeleton Brew enchant you with its delightful complexities.

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