Capuchin Coffee

Ever wondered where your beloved cappuccino got its name? The answer is steeped in history and as rich as the frothy delight itself! ๐Ÿงกโ˜•

The term "Cappuccino" traces back to the Capuchin friars, a notable religious order founded in the 16th century. Known for their distinctive brown hooded robes, these friars walked the streets of Europe, dedicated to a life of poverty and contemplation. The color of their robes, a deep yet warm brown, strikingly resembles the enchanting blend of espresso and steamed milk that we adore in our cappuccinos today.

So, next time you sip on your creamy cappuccino, remember the Capuchin friars and the unexpectedly spiritual origins of this coffeehouse staple. Not just a drink, but a little piece of history in your cup!

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