The Skeleton Brew Story

Our journey began with the delicate whispers of a bygone era echoing through antique phonographs. As I cradled the first of many 78rpm records, each note transported me further into the past, compelling a collection that soon filled the rooms with thousands of these vintage vessels of melody. The desire to share this rich auditory tapestry led to the birth of a podcast, a humble initiative to share the classic tunes that resonated through the ages. Yet, the allure of "classic entertainment" beckoned for a more engaging avenue, blossoming into Blind Skeleton radio. Here, the golden era of radio shows finds its heartbeat again, streaming Old Time Radio (OTR) shows 24x7 around our live streams of timeless tunes.

The journey didn't pause at melodies. It danced through the lens of old film cameras, pirouetted across vintage 8mm and 16mm film projectors, painting a newfound love for old-time film photography and vintage cinema. Each frame, a narrative; each film, a voyage into the yesteryears.

As the curtains of community theaters unveiled the realm of stage, a different act of the story began. Volunteering across various roles, from a stage manager and booth tech to an actor, unraveled the essence of community theater. The camaraderie, the expression, the heartbeats on stage echoing the ethos of a community, left a lasting imprint.

Amidst the vintage reverie, brewed a passion as rich as a well-roasted coffee bean - a love for coffee. The idea simmered of blending this warming comfort with the vintage arts that cradled my soul. And thus, Skeleton Brew was born. A coffee roastery where each roast is a tribute to the vintage arts of music, film, photography, and theater. A humble abode where the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans waltzes with the timeless tunes of the past.

Skeleton Brew is more than just a coffee roastery. It's a pledge to nurture the community that holds the arts dear. Our mission transcends the allure of a good coffee cup, extending to a promise of giving back. We dedicate 10% of all sales to a local non-profit arts organization, a small step towards ensuring the arts continue to flourish, to inspire, and to resonate through the hearts across the community, much like the vintage tunes that started it all.

Here at Skeleton Brew, every sip is a homage to the arts, a journey through time, and a pledge to nourish the soul and the community alike.