Latte Lover's Lullaby

Valentine's Day Coffee Recipe: "Lover's Latte Lullaby"


  • 2 shots of Skeleton Brew's "Dark Roast Reaper" espresso Dark Roast Reaper
  • 1 cup of steamed oat milk
  • 1 tablespoon of rose water
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • Pink edible glitter or rose petals for garnish
  • A pinch of ground cardamom


Step 1: The Romantic Rhapsody

Begin by brewing two shots of Dark Roast Reaper espresso. This six bean blend provides a smooth, string, yet balanced base, reminiscent of a harmonious love song.

Step 2: The Floral Whisper

In a small bowl, mix the rose water and honey together. This mixture adds a floral sweetness to the latte, evoking the essence of a blooming romance.

Step 3: The Milky Embrace

Steam the oat milk until it's hot and frothy. The oat milk's creamy texture symbolizes the comfort and warmth of a lover's embrace.

Step 4: The Cardamom Kiss

Whisk a pinch of ground cardamom into the steamed milk. This spice adds a hint of exotic allure, reminiscent of a mysterious and enchanting love affair.

Step 5: The Lover's Blend

Pour the espresso into a large cup. Gently add the rose water and honey mixture, followed by the cardamom-infused steamed oat milk. The layers represent the depth and complexity of love.

Step 6: The Dazzling Finish

Top the latte with a sprinkle of pink edible glitter or a few rose petals. This garnish adds a touch of elegance and romance, perfect for a Valentine's Day celebration.

Step 7: Sip the Serenade

Serve the Lover's Latte Lullaby to your Valentine, inviting them to indulge in this sweet and floral concoction. Each sip is a celebration of love, a lullaby for the heart, perfect for sharing with someone special on this day of love.

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