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Blind Skeleton

Dark Roast Reaper - Six Bean Espresso

Dark Roast Reaper - Six Bean Espresso

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Our darkest roast, a six-bean espresso blend.

This bewitching coffee experience embraces the dark side, combining a meticulously selected blend of six premium espresso beans to create an indulgent brew that speaks to your darkest desires.

Immerse yourself in the depths of this rich and robust roast, where shadows dance upon the surface of your cup. The Dark Roast Reaper delivers a velvety smooth body, intensified by the haunting aroma that permeates the air. Each sip is an invitation to explore the depths of flavor, to embrace the intricate nuances that lie within.

As you delve into this forbidden elixir, the first notes to caress your palate are those of bittersweet dark chocolate, mingling with the essence of charred caramel. Subtle whispers of smoky undertones rise from the abyss, captivating your senses and entwining you in a nocturnal embrace.

In this ritualistic brew, the darkness is enhanced by a sophisticated earthiness that resonates with each sip. Hints of midnight berries and a touch of spice weave together, reminiscent of moonlit incantations and captivating spells cast under starry skies. The Dark Roast Reaper takes you on a transcendental journey, evoking emotions that dwell in the deepest corners of your soul.

Awaken your spirit and succumb to the allure of the night with every cup of Dark Roast Reaper. Embrace the mystique, savor the intensity, and let the shadows guide you into a realm where coffee becomes an ethereal experience. Indulge in this tribute to the dark arts and unlock the true power of the coffee bean.

Size: 12oz

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