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Phantom Harvest

Phantom Harvest

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"Phantom Harvest," a captivating medium-light roast from the heart of Tanzania. This exceptional coffee, boasting an "AB" certification, promises a harmonious blend of size and quality, crafted from beans meticulously chosen for their superior characteristics.

"Phantom Harvest" is a testament to the art of coffee, offering a delicate yet complex flavor profile that dances on the palate. Experience the subtle sweetness of pear and the enchanting aroma of floral notes, which gently lead to the sophistication of jasmine. The journey concludes with a hint of strawberry, adding a refreshing and slightly tangy finish that lingers, inviting you back for another sip.

Grown in the rich soils of Tanzania, "Phantom Harvest" reflects the unique terroir of its origin. Its medium-light roast level perfectly accentuates the coffee's natural flavors, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the nuanced interplay of taste and aroma.

Whether enjoyed as a morning ritual or a mid-day escape, "Phantom Harvest" offers an exquisite coffee experience that transports you to the lush landscapes of Tanzania with every cup. Dive into the essence of Tanzanian coffee culture and let "Phantom Harvest" unveil its mysteries with each brew.

Skeleton Brew is proud to present this enchanting blend to our discerning aficionados. Embrace the allure of "Phantom Harvest" and let it guide you to an extraordinary coffee adventure.


Size: 12oz

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